Help! I have hypersensitive hearing!

My ears are killing me. Specificially, NOISE is hurting my ears…the television, the kids, everything. This happens fairly frequently, and doesn’t seem to be related to any other health triggers that I can pinpoint.
Any ideas/suggestions, beside earplugs or a long vacation to an isolated beach?

Do a google on “hyperacusis”

and check out this link…

I use earplugs. I get a handfull from WalMart or where ever, and stash them in convenient places.

The most important place to have them is when going to a movie. The previews hurt a lot. I also need them when driving, to cut down the pain of loud radios.

They look silly, but not as silly as when I’m curled in a ball holding my ears.

go see that movie, ‘daredevil’, and find out what he did.
I thinked he studied w/some zen master, or something.

anyway, good luck w/your crime fighting career.