Help I have the FATSO worm virus on my comp!!!

Help me quickly, it keeps not letting me use MSN or take my browzer off, help me!!!

Maybe this can help

Symantec has a removal tool here .

it’s also preventing me from coming onto this thread and onto those sites, I’ve just had to restart my entire comp to just type this reply! What can I do? All I keep getting is a bat file in my Windo

That’s a removal tool for W32.Serflog and variants. Is Fatso a variant of Serflog? It’s not mentioned on that page.

If you follow the link for W32.Serflog.A, you’ll see that it’s called WORM_FATSO.A by Trend Micro. You have to remember that there is often not a standard name for these viruses, so the different anti-virus companies assign different names to the same virus.

Ah, I see. Thanks.

The removal tool on the page I mentioned is tiny; less than 200Kb. So can you get on someone else’s computer and download the tool to a floppy disc? If so, I recommend you print out the instructions on that page.