Help! I missed the first 1/2 hour of SNL!

I had heard that Paula Abdul was supposed to be on SNL with Johnny Knoxville. She must have been on in the first 1/2 hour because all my vcr taped was from 12:00 to 1:00. :smack:
What did Paula do? I saw her introduce System of a Down, but there must have been something else???

Chris W

The cold opening was a parody of the recent investigative story on American Idol, with Amy Pohler as Paula Abdul coming on to one male singer after another. The sketch ends with the real Paula Abdul stepping onto the set and offering tips and advice to the SNL players about their performances, and then doing the “Life from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”

I’ve still got in on my TiVo. Paula Abdul says to Amy Pohler (Paula), Chris Parnell (Simon), and Keenan Thompson (Randy),

• In the opening monologue, Johnny Knoxville shows clips of how people pulled Jackass-style pranks on him over the past week, including getting tasered by Lorne Michael’s daughter and kneed in the groin by Don Pardo.
• A rerun of the faux commercial for “Mom Jeans” from JCPenny.
• Sketch with Amy Pohler and Seth Meyers as the bickering “Sally and Dan Harrison, The Couple That Should Be Divorced.”
• Darrell Hammond as Donald Trump dressed as a giant slice of pizza for a Domino’s TV commercial.
• Maya Rudolph in the Donatella Versace’s Mother’s Day Special, with Rachel Dratch as her mama, and Horatio Sanz and Johnny Knoxville as Elton John and his fiancé.
• Aboard a spaceship from the planet Klargon 7, an abducted earthling (Will Forte) wants to know why he was anally probed by one of them (Johnny Knoxville).

You didn’t miss anything.

Just replay the first half hour from any SNL show for the last 20 years. They’re all the same: boring and totally unfunny.

Biggest laugh of the night, for me: Don Pardo kneeing Johnny Knoxville (because, dammit, some things are always funny!)

Funniest bit of dialog the entire night: After the Harrison’s move to to the kitchen to continue their argument, one of the hosts looks in to make sure they aren’t destrying the good china. “They’re having sex.”

My husband and I laughed our asses off at that. It was even funnier for us because at the very start of the sketch, my husband said, “Hey, it’s ____ and _____” - a couple we know who bicker around others a lot, seemingly solely for the purpose of having make-up sex. When Knoxville came out of the kitchen and said that line, I thought I was going to split my side laughing.