HELP! I need an Excel 97 tutorial! PLEEEEEEEZ!

Im IN deep DOO-DOO!
Does anyone know where find a tutorial for excell 97 that
Is full of the tips and tricks - I only know the basics of the program,
I cant use the help files because Im working with software that is in another
Language and all the tutorials I have come across on the net only give the basics.
Thanks, I know the Teeming Millions will come through!



The Free-Ed,Net Website that I’ve lined to above has a good list of things in it’s course curriculum, and it is free.

I’m not sure what you’re looking for beyond the basics, this may have it.

I’ve also been using the app for almost seven years, I could try to answer any specific questions you might have.

The page you mentioned was not much help so I took the liberty of e-mailing you with the problem file attached
and THANKS SO MUCH for your time,

if anyone else wants to look at this file then tell me
how the author did it, it would help keep me employed,
its at;

the file is 22kb

My big problem is how did he/she create the “list box”
I have seen stuff like this in the past, also when
you make the list box (using some alien technology no doubt)
how do you link it to the associated pivot table…

(HUH Unca Cecil…)

the url is a joke page I made but the .XLS file is not
and again thanks for any suggestions

Love Janx

List boxes are easy.

Select the cell you want the list box for. Open Data > Validation and in the Allow list box, select List. In the Source field, type all of the allowed values separated by commas.

Once complete, hit OK and the cell will have the list.

If you want to use the same list all over the place, it’s a tiny bit more complicated. Post here if that’s the case.