Help! I Wanna Ask Her To Breakfast, But....

… I may be misreading the signals.

She is 36, divorced, very pretty, and very interesting to talk with. She has explained to me that she has a 16 year old son, 4 dogs, a cat and no relationship, and she’s happier than she’s been in years.

I am 52, divorced 15 years, not very pretty and very interesting to talk to, and because I apparently fuck my life up with relationships, I am very gun-shy.

She works at the same hospital as me, on nights, and loves to laugh and cut up. Sometimes, when we pass in the hall, she will reach out and touch me on the shoulder and just say “hey” and smile at me.

She hasn’t mentioned a relationship with anyone else, but has talked to me of her failed marriages, and she holds me enthralled with those big eyes of hers.

What I might be misreading is the fact that she laughs with other guys the same way, and that it’s not intended to let me know she finds me interesting as well.

I just wanna have breakfast with this woman, not take her to bed. But I’m afraid she might misread me and tell me no right off the bat. I won’t lie to you (or her, if she asks): I find her very attractive and interesting, but right now all I wanna do is talk!

Give me your opinions, please?



For goodness sake, just ask her to breakfast! You have nothing to lose, and possibly everything to gain. :slight_smile:

Yes, go for it. She obviously enjoys your company.

She may be a naturally friendly person. See if she touches other guys like she touches you. Even if she does, you are obviously infatuated with her. Just say to yourself, “What the f**k, I’m gonna do it.” It’s like taking off a band-aid, only that kinda hurts.

OK, bad analogy…how about it’s like jumping into cold water. It may be surprisingly refreshing.

Breakfast, specifically? Are you eager to try out some really dynamic scrambled eggs? Why not a less quirky meal, like lunch? Or dinner?

(By the way, I am a veteran of working the second shift, so if “breakfast” is taking place at, say, 1 p.m., as mine sometimes do, then I stand corrected).

Anyone else find this sentence strangely amusing?

And go for it Quasi.

In the sales business we have a motto:

If I do this, what’s the worst that can happen?

Apply that to this situation, and you’ll get the following answer:

She will say no.

And if that happens, all you do is simply say: “OK, no problem, see you around!” and walk out the door.

But chances are she’ll say yes!

Don’t underestimate yourself - and if you never take the chance, you’ll always wonder what would have happened if you had.

Go For It!

Go for it. But ask in a very casual way.

Very simple. “I’m hungry. Ya feel like grabbing a quick bite after work? I know a good place that makes…”

No expectations. Just an invitation from a co-worker. Happens all the time…

Arrrrrrrgh! Now I gotta wait for her to come back to work so I can ask her! That gives me enough time to work on sounding casual when I ask her to breakfast. You know, without that quaver in my voice! :smiley:


(Who’s trying to remember he’s been on the planet for half a century, and should know this shit by now!)

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Go for it.