Help ID-ing this onion/cheese recipie

My Sainted Father and his Lady Friend attended a birthday party on Sunday, and she tried to describe to me a dish which they enjoyed there. Here is her description:

Is anyone familiar with this? Sounds interesting but I’d like to get the proportions right. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: .

Maybe she forgot the herring? :confused:

Odd recipe, I make a persian onion pickle that is onion sliced thinly and dumped in a jar with enough vinegar to cover, about 1 tsp honey to each cup of vinegar [pure apple cider vinegar only, not the apple flavored stuff READ THE LABLE!!!] and a pompadour peppermint tisane bag [i hate fishing mint leaf floaties off my tongue when I eat] It takes overnight on the counter, no heating though I do wash off teh onions in a sieve under running water.

Was it a dip to spread on bread or crackers, or was this a sauce of some type to serve over meat or something. Veggie dip? Sandwich spread? Condiment or otherwise?

I’ve seen lots of basic cheese and onion spreads and dips, hot and cold, that involve mayo, or sour cream, and usually a cheddar cheese and sometimes creamcheese.

Otherwise, The pickled onions and poppy seeds make me believe it is possibly a recipe of Scandinavian or Eastern European escent. If not, It seems like a Nouveau Red Book Southern Belle recipe out of Savannah.

Maybe it was Goat Cheese and not cream cheese? That sounds like a good combo to my mind anyway. But the sweet pickled onions, goat cheese and Poppy seeds would make it seem more swiss in origin to me, then.

There also might only be an existing recipe in the Host/Hostesses head or recipe box.

Why do you need a recipe anyways? Use 1 large onion or two small ones to 1 brick of cream cheese softened and 1/4 to 1/3 cup of mayo, sprinkle in a coupla tablespoons poppy seeds. Just have at it. Gradually add in the mayo a bit at a time until you get a desired consistency… maybe add some worcestershire and/or hot sauce.

Get crazy and go off the graph… feel the food, baby!

I am convinced there are two types of cooks–recipe-followers and those who see recipes as suggestions only. I can’t follow recipes exactly; I have to make my own way. Something in me just wants to tweak, you know? I recently took the Viking “Cook Without a Book” course and it cracked me up how when the chef/instructor would say “You could add some X or Y to this” someone would invariably ask how much. It’s called Cook Without a Book, people!!

I’m thinking it was a dip.

Yah, I know - just jump off in it heh! But I’d like to make this for my upcoming Bunco, and I was hoping not to have to do a ‘trial run’ first.

I’m going to try to contact the lady who threw the party, to see if she knows.

Here’s what I’d do. Hungarian Nachos.

I’d fry 2 onions in butter with Pride of Szeged Sweet Hungarian Paprika, Garlic Salt, and Pepper, till the onions are caramelized, red, and sweet. Whip together a block of Cream cheese and some sour cream, fold in the sweet onions and its paprikas butter, and make a Nacho topping. I’d serve a plate of corn chips with a base of hot Tony Packo’s Hot Dog Sauce dolloped on each chip followed by a dollop of the Hunky Onion Dip and a Pickled Pepper to top. Or you could do it as a layered corn chip dip…whatever works.

Hungarian Calimex Fusion

The recipe sounds very similar to the onion cheese bread recipe at a certain Italian restaurant I’ve been to several times in Erie, Michigan. It’s slapped on the bread, then I think they add Mozzarella then it’s toasted or baked. Scrumptious. I don’t know exactly how they make it since it’s “secret” but based on the taste, I’d venture to guess it’s similar to your recipe** Nineytwt.**