Help ID The Autographs on this Baseball

I picked up this baseball at a rummage sale - it was in a box of baseballs that I bought for my dog to chase and chew on (there were two autographed balls in the bunch; the other was signed by Frank Rodriguez.)

It looks like there are three signatures on the ball. I can’t identify any of them. Anyone else want to take a shot at it?

It looks like a minor-league ball (the word eastern is still legible), so the signatures may or may not be famous names. The signatures are still clear and blue even though the stamps on the ball are worn nearly off, so somebody signed a practice ball and gave it to a fan. I can’t recognize nor read the signatures, but here’s a link to the league it may have come from:

And Charles Eshbach was president of the League from 1981 to 1993, narrowing the ball to within a 12-year time frame.

I’m getting: 'J. CAWLY", ‘TAD FEHO’ and, ‘A. UFSA’.

Quackenbush Mudhens, 1923. Cawly played first, Feho was a SS, and Ufsa was a bat boy.

Just a WAG…what do I win? :smiley:

Hmmm…let me see what’s behind Door Number 3. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. I don’t know squat about baseball, so I’ve been at a loss. The suggestions about the Eastern League are probably the best place to start, seeing how I got the ball in Western Massachusetts and there were giveaway balls from the Portland Sea Dogs and the New Britain Rock Cats in the box, too.

Okay, I think I got the first two.

The top signature is almost certainly Jim Crowley, infielder for the New Britain Rock Cats from 1993-1994.

The second signature is probably Paul Thoutsis, who was an outfielder for New Britain in 1992-1993.

The third one…I just can’t seem to match to anyone.

Close. Feho usually played second. Did you know he was the last native-born Hungarian in pro ball? Midway through the '25 season the rest of the Quacks, who didn’t like Feho a whole lot, played an elaborate prank to convince him he’d been traded to the Fort Wayne Kekiongas. He got all the way to Fort Wayne before he found out the Keks had busted up 54 years earlier. He was so pissed off he went home to Budapest and started a Fascist movement. They think he wound up in the gulag sometime in the '40s.


Yeah, it was a bummer. They had no use for a left-handed second baseman who never could hit with power, and league rules didn’t allow trades.

Assuming you’ve correctly identified the other signers as members of the 1993 New Britain team (I’m impressed, BTW), I’m guessing the bottom one is pitcher Tim Vanegmond. (I have a ton of old Sporting News Baseball Guides, so once you narrowed down the team, it was easy enough on my end). The first letter could be a script-style “T”, with enough imagination, there’s a big V in the middle there, the thing that looks like an “S” might be a “g” and that tall guy at the end could be a “d”.

Sooooooo, does the dog get the ball or not? :wink: