Help ID this bird please


Any help appreciated, thanks.

Male varigated fairy wren.

Thank you!

…and THAT is what makes this place awesome.

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I knew it was some kind of wren because of that upwards-pointing tail.

He’s a gorgeous fellow!

The Australian Fairy Wrens (Maluridae) are not closely related to the wrens of the rest of the world (Troglodytidae). The latter occur mainly in the Americas, with one species reaching Eurasia.

“Wren,” like “warbler,” “flycatcher,” and “robin,” has no taxonomic significance and has been applied to unrelated species all over the world.

If you know how to google-search for similar images you won’t even need the Dope.

Yes you do, or at least you need to run it by an expert. I just used Google to search for “visually similar images” and of the first 30 images, only two were clearly indicated as being male Variegated Fairy-wrens. The other images included other species of fairy-wren, swallows, chickadees, and a Marsh Wren.

There are five species of fairy-wren in which the males are virtually identical to the Variegated, with only subtle differences. In fact, I’m not absolutely sure the photo in the OP isn’t one of the other species, due to possible variation in the lighting. There are four other fairy-wrens that are also similar but lack the red patch above the wing. An image search is going to turn up all of these.

There’s also a problem in that many of the photos of birds turned up by a Google search are misidentified or mislabeled. You can’t really reliably identify photos of birds just by Googling.

Meet the Fairywrens.

Note in particular the Purple-backed, Variegated, Lovely, Blue-breasted, and Red-winged males.

Thanks Colibri, I actually did try Googling visually similar images first but was unhappy with the results. I knew I could get better results here.

Also thanks for the Fairy Wren link.

His name is Fred. He’s a little over a year old and enjoys flying, eating seeds and insects and hopes to be Alpha bird very soon. :smiley:

Stalking him on Feathr is kind of disturbing, dude…

Hey, I’m a tree. he comes to me…

The variegated fairywren, also known as Dronetech model # VFW-877, is generally deployed for surveillance and intelligence-gathering in Eastern Australia.

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