Help Identify Actress In PSA Commercial


There is a PSA airing on the NBC network and affiliates that is driving me nuts because I cannot place one of the actresses. Here is the layout:

Black actor says: “I’m the ocean, blah de blah blah, don’t pollute me.” Don’t care about him.

White, blonde actress says: “Im the sky, blah de blah blah, don’t pollute me.” Don’t care about her.

Then, some incredibly beautiful dark haired maybe hispanic, maybe italian but definitely hot chick says: “I’m the river, the earth, yada yada, whatever, don’t pollute me.”

I have got to know who this woman is. I know she is an actress, all of those NBC PSA people are actors, but I don’t recognize any of them. I don’t care about any of the others but this woman is so pretty and looks so familiar I am hoping somebody knows who she is.

Anyone? Bueller?

I assume this is the PSA you’re asking about? The dark haired woman is Linda Cardenllini.

The black dude is Alfonso Ribeiro.

I cannot do videos but I suppose that is Linda Cardellini. My god, I can’t believe I didn’t recognize her.

Thank You

I think it’s the dark hair…I always think of her as blonde because most of the ER segments I watched with her on them, she had lighter hair.

That’s it. I cannot believe I did not recognize her with dark hair. Regardless, she is hot.

The black dude is Donald Faison (Turk) from Scrubs.

You’re right. My mistake.

Good lord, Lindsay Weir has grown up a few years, hasn’t she?

If you look at her IMDB photo gallery it looks like she spent a few years as a blonde too. Looks completely different.

This is something I don’t get. She was 25 when Freaks and Geeks was on. How much more growing up can she do?