Help identify song about a girl who played with a deck of cards cause she didn't have dolls.

Looking for a friend who posted this somewhere else:

'Many years ago, I made a CD of playing card-related songs. I found a song I never heard before. It was a ballad about a little girl in the old west who, the story goes, didn’t have any dolls to play with, so she played with a deck of cards and made up stories about the face cards.

She grows up and falls in love with the local bandit/no-good young man named something like the Jack of Spades/Hearts/etc. even though he was the villain in her stories growing up. They ride off together as the posse hunts the Jack and, if I recall correctly, the Jack lets her take a bullet for him as he escapes.

I have searched for all sorts of variants of song titles “Jack of Spades/Hearts/etc.” as well as searching on the story elements, but no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!"

Country ballad? Folk ballad? Jazz ballad? Broadway show tune? What style was the piece?

Male singer or female?

ETA: Bob Dylan - Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts; covered by Joan Baez?

Great song, but not it

Friend says it’s a mix between country western song and folk

Thinks it’s a male, but not sure at all

Says “like if Peter, Paul, and Mary did the ballad of the one eyed jack”