Help identify this box

Please help me identify this box attached to a streetlight in a residential area. It is about 20 cm (8") tall and the bottom “thing” is a green light that turns on intermittently. I have seen it in Calgary.

Is there a solar panel at the top of the light? These systems seem to have panel and battery box:

One possibility is that they collect electronic utility data. Here is an articleabout them that I remember reading a while back, although the picture wouldn’t load for me so I’m not sure how similar it is to the one you posted. My city uses this method for water use data but it seems like the ones on our street lamps are smaller than the one in your picture.

No solar panel.

The box only shows up here and there, not even one per block.

Does Calgary have Public Wi-Fi?

Here is a map of Shaw’s Go Wifi hotspots. Most are at businesses, but some look like they could be on utility poles.