Help identify this large duck-eating bird...(Pic)

What kind of bird is this? It’s big, grey and appears to be eating a duck. Is it some kind of carniverous, flightless terror?

Looks like some type of Pelican to me.
It also looks faked, but maybe I’m just the suspicious type.

Nope, not faked. A perfectly normal Shoebill stork, doing perfectly normal shoebill things. Those buggers will eat anything that moves too slow.

Wow - that is one nasty bird. It reminded me of the terror bird or a dodo. The head looked like a dodo.

Wow a shoebill huh… Well if the shoe fits…wear it!

Pelicans will too, apparently.

video is not for the squeamish

4 feet tall? Wow.

Poor duck.

Did you take the photo yourself, Phlosphr? - it’s a great picture.

The poor duck looks so surprised! “Wow” he’s thinking “I totally DID NOT see that coming!”

Now if that evil looking bird just had some bacon salt…

Caption: “This duck tastes exactly like vagina”

No, actually I friend sent me this picture thinking the larger shoebill was “helping the little duck along…”

I wrote him back, and said I believe that larger bird was trying to comsume the smaller one…

I’ll ask him where he got the pic.

:eek: I didn’t realize they eat anything other than fish and crustaceans

That, my friend, is a BigFrigginBird. But you clearly knew that already.

Well, bless his heart.

I thought the same thing, only with more curse words from the duck.

The duck’s actually calling for his medical insurance…


I too thought the picture was faked. The duck has a rather pleasant expression on his face considering that he is being eaten by that prehistoric looking bastard.

The birdie in the wikipedia link looked quite mischievous/evil. Don’t think I would ever want to run into one of those.

Heh… aka: B. Rex

Looks like a dinosaur as well. Freaky.

This picture looks to be photoshopped…

Ducks are incapable of smiling or frowning - even if they experienced suitable emotional states to demand it, so appearance is probably misleading here.

Asuuming you’re serious. Why?