Help Identify This SF Novel

I recall reading a hard SF novel but can’t recall the name or author. The novel was set in an alternate universe where the gravitational constant is different than in ours. The action takes place in a sort of built-out ship/station populated by the descendants of explorers from our universe who are managing to eke out survival in this new universe. The difference in gravity is such that the gravity fields of people-sized objects is significant (there’s a form of acrobatics/dance that involves utilizing the gravitational attraction of one’s partner(s)), and they get their iron from mining the core of a burned-out star (the miners sometimes have to work under 5 g’s, utilizing powered wheelchairs to move around in those conditions).

Anyone else remember this one?

Raft by Stephen Baxter

Wow, that didn’t take long - thanks!

No problem. You gave a pretty detailed description.

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