Help identifying a movie

Discussing this with the family today and couldn’t remember the movie title (and hence couldn’t resolve the question of who starred in it).

The plot - a (innocent?) man is in jail, and proceeds to kill the people who put him there while in prison (prosecuter, judge, ?). Fairly big name guy as the villian, not quite as big name detective trying to solve it. Seems like the end resolves around finding a tunnel out of the prison that was used to set up some of the kills.

Time frame would be some time around 2003 +/- five years (hows that for narrowing it down?). Thought the title was ‘An Innocent Man’ - but that’s a Tom Selleck movie and is definitely not it. But I do think that the title is equivalent to that.

Thanks for any help.

law Abiding Citizen?

Natural Born Killers?

ETA, probably not this, I forgot about the tunnel part and just focused on the killing lots of people part.

That’s it! Thanks.

I think this is the first time I ever got one of these first! :smiley: