Help identifying some Post-Impressionist paintings, please?

You know, I saw people taking a picture of the identifying signs after taking pictures of the paintings. I even remember thinking, “Score one for cheap digital photography!” But I didn’t do it myself. Why? Haven’t a clue :smack:

I’m finally putting together a scrapbook of our lovely summer vacation, and right now I’m working on the day we spent at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. One of the best days of the whole trip, by the way. Although flash photography is forbidden, we managed to get acceptable photos of some paintings that really moved us, and I have identified most of them from the museum’s website or other sources. However, while the website contains a host of information on their Impressionist collection, they have little on the later works, at least on the English pages. (Unfortunately I can’t read French!) So I’m looking for any information about these three paintings. Any clues, please?

and Three

Number two is pretty clearly Seurat. The first and third look to be his peers. Number three could be Seurat as well, but predates the pointillism.

I’ll bet the first one is Paul Signac.

Here’s the page where they have some work online. In English. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hadn’t catalogued everything online, sometimes there are copyright issues.

Or maybe I’m wrong, I dunno.

The 2nd definitely is. It’s called The Green Sail.

Oh well. :wink:

That third one is so familiar - I could swear I’ve enjoyed that artist’s work but I can’t think of the name. Bonnard/Vuillard/Sisely someone like that.

Just posting to say I loved that museum, which was especially nice after being disappointed by the Louvre. I agree with the Signac ID, by the way, because I noticed they had a lot of his work.

Looking at the museum’s online catalogue(only in french), the 1st is also Signac as fessie thought. It’s called ‘L’air du soir’ (The Evening Air?).

Now looking for the third . . .

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Maximilien Luce Une rue de Paris en mai 1871 entre 1903 et 1906

I don’t recognize that name, but the style sure is familiar.

That was a fun exercise - haven’t looked at Caillebotte in a while, lurve him.

Well done sir (or madam)!

Oh, it’s madam, and thank you for not embarrassing me in the course of correcting my earlier assumptions (should drink coffee BEFORE commencing posting).

Hey, one dotty painter is much like another, and it put me on the right track.

“dotty painter” <snerk>

THANK YOU! You folks are amazing.

ETA: Next time I promise to take a quick photo of the little sign next to each painting…