Help ID'ing a song

There’s a song that you don’t hear too often, but I like it, and I’ve always wondered what the title is. I think it might be from the 60s.

It goes through the days of the week, and I think that there are different activities for each day. The tune is quite catchy. I can only remember one snippet of the words: “on a Monday, a Monday. . .” That pattern repeats for each day.

Male or female singer/group?

Also, link for days about songs: Which Days Of The Week Have Inspired The Most Hit Songs? - Vocativ

[Never on Sunday](youtube never on sunday), by any chance?

Except for Monday sung by Lorrie Morgan. It’s newer than I thought. Just a WAG.

Friday On My Mind by the Easybeats

I’m thinking it’s this one, just based on the repeating ‘Monday, Monday’ motif.

Here you go.

Johnny Cash covered that song it’s called ‘I got Stripes’. I think he recorded it in the 70s.

Sorry, busted link. Lemme try again… listen to at least the first 20 seconds.

Never on Sunday

That was it!

I never cease to be amazed at what Dopers can do when they set their collective mind to it.

You should see what my collective mind can do! :slight_smile: