Help in identifying novel

I am trying to recall, without success, the name of a novel I read as part of a high school English Lit assignment. The only details I can remember are that it was basically a sci-fi story and that periodically a “muster rollcall” would be taken. As names were called out, those present would speak up. A tradition had been established whereby the names of several (4?) deceased people who had been pioneers in the activity were also read and someone would say “I speak for him” or something similar to indicate that person was still present in spirit with them. TIA for any help in identifying this novel.

I’m afraid I can’t help, but you’ll probably get a better (swifter, more accurate) response in Cafe Society.

Robert Heinlein’s Space Cadet.

So much for “swifter” reply in Cafe Society! It took 3 minutes for us to answer this question. I weep for the SDMB.

BTW, Heinlein also wrote at least one short story that gives the history for at least one of the names–Johnny Dalquist. I don’t remember if he gave the background for the others.


It was sitting for ten minutes in GQ. It got answered in three in Cafe Society. That’s “swifter” in my book.

I’d have answered it sooner if I’d seen it sooner.

I think I see Reno’s tongue planted firmly in his/her cheek. I now know where to bring this type question in the future.