Help!- international money transfers

Hmm. Too banal for GQ.
I need to transfer about 700 bucks into someone’s Belgian bank account. Is there a way to do this without getting robbed? My bank wants 42 bucks to do this, and Western Union wants 56. What kind of gravy train is this, anyway? Any hints from well-traveled international-type dopers?

Probably not.

Does the Belgian require the funds to be in Belgian Francs? If so, then you are probably not gonna do better.

If you trust the person implicitly, you could always send $700. in US travellers checks(which may or may not be available to you for no charge) by Registered letter(Post office). That would be about $7-10.

The Belgian could probably get a decent rate on US $ travellers check at his local bank.

But all this may be more hassle than it’s worth.

Can’t you just send them an international money order?

Get a better bank, mine charges about $15 for this. You might be able to find an on-line bank with a significantly lower charge. And in my experience it’s better to send it in dollars and exchange at the foreign bank, at least for European countries I usually see a better exchange rate.

I agree with Shib.

I think US$ travellers checks will be discounted less than US currency at the guys bank in Belgium. I know it. Maybe 1%-2%.