Help - manually opening a Sony DVD player disc tray?

my DVD player (Sony DAV-700) got fried in an electrical storm, and now it doesn’t respond to an ‘open’ tray button.

I have a rental DVD stuck in there. I searched the Sony Knowledge Base (which IMHO sucks) with no luck?

Any ideas?

call sony 1800 number or 1888 which ever it is, unfortunately my sony dvd is not the same as ur model so i couldnt tell u… if its fried im assuming and GUESSING its worthless so why not crack it open

If you are trying to get warranty repair work done on it, make sure you don’t break any seals when you are cracking it open. Could void the warranty.

If there are no seals, unplug the bugger and take it apart.

The five disk mechanism will be rather complex, but there should be some way to get the disk out through the tray slot.

Good luck.

Sometimes if you unplug from a wall for a full minute or more & plug the machine back in, it works fine. Here, you can take it to the store & the guy at the store takes it out for ya.