Help! Math Problem

I’m a big Univ. of Michigan fan (I didn’t attend UM though or else I could probably figure this out myself) and I was wondering if the TM can help me out.

UM has an alltime record of 823 - 269 - 36 (.75367).
Notre Dame’s alltime record is 791 - 251 - 36 (.75911)

How many more games must UM win than ND in order to over take them? They play each other once a year.

Hmm… Could baseball’s “games out of first” formula work?

By “over take”, I assume you mean “have a better winning percentage” since UM is currently ahead in total wins.

6 UM wins along with 6 ND losses should do the trick. If ND can throw in some wins, it could take a lot longer. One head-to-head game a year is going to have limited impact.

It should be noted that UM doesn’t actually have to win any games. If they play a bunch of ties while ND goes on an 8-game losing streak, they pull into the lead.
[Note that your numbers are slightly off: UM is actually .753663 (rounds to .75366) and ND is .759117 (rounds to .75912).]