Help me amuse 3600 scouts this summer (long)

Our scout district is holding a district-wide summer camp, Kerkkä, this August. Through an extremely long and unimportant string of events, I got recruited to design one of the seven activity “valleys” (for lack of a better description, I’ll just use the translation of the Finnish term).

Each subcamp (circa 450 people, ranging in age from 7-year-old cub scouts to leaders of an extremely wide age range) will visit each of the seven valleys, two each day, spending three hours in each valley and participating in various activities (games, handicrafts, bashing each other over the head with plastic swords…)

Because of more long and unimportant events, I now find myself responsible not only for making sure that people are designing our activities (as my job was originally described), but also thinking up all the activities to take place in the valley, recruiting people for them and finding all the materials necessary.

I simply do not have time to think up 20-25 activities that can hold approx. 20 people at a time. I have to study for entrance exams all spring and cannot put as much effort into this project as I am now expected to do.

So, my fellow Dopers, I am turning to you. The valley’s theme is History. The subvalleys (each valley is divided into five subvalleys, each subvalley has 4 or 5 activites) are Ancient Cultures, The Middle Ages, Renaissance, Exploring New Worlds and Scouting in the Old Days. The subvalleys I need most help with are Renaissance and Exploration. If you have any ideas for activities that you think kids of all ages would enjoy participating in, I could really use your help.

Hey, c’mon, if you’ve read this far, it obviously means you have at least some interest in this thing… :slight_smile: I already have about half of the activities planned, but I’ll gladly accept new ideas.

Thanks in advance for all the people who plowed through this monster of an OP.