Help me amuse myself at work

Here’s the deal…

First of all, this is a new job, so I’m trying to look good until I prove to them how valuable I am.
They monitor internet activity, so surfing the web is out.

The veeps office is just around the corner from mine, and I pass by it if I leave my aisle, so I have to avoid wandering too much.

I need something to give me a break periodically while I’m working to lower my stress levels. Right now I’m snacking, and that is a Very Bad Thing.

Right now I’m writing, so I need some logic/number oriented puzzle to balance that out. I have some writing I can do, but I have only so much writing energy and I need that right now for work.

And I need something to do that will be inconspicuous.

Any ideas?

Hmm. Could get one of those puzzle/logic magazines and bring it into work: if you need to, carefully take the pages out of the magazine so that it looks a little bit more like random paperwork. (If you need to be really paranoid, copy it onto standard paper first, since most puzzle magazines are printed on newsprint like stuff.)

How strict are they about you installing stuff on the computer? Will they allow you to listen to 'net based stations?

What else… do exercises at your desk? Do origami out of scratch paper? (My personal favorite.)

<< I’m feeling down, down, down, down, down, down, doo-be-doo down down… comma comma down doo-be-doo down down >>

Try solving math problems or proving theorems. Looks like work and engages the mind.

Assignment A: read, understand, and become able to explain (without cheating and looking at a crib) the solution to this geometry stumper.

How to Kill 8 Hours a Day and Still Keep Your Job

Anyone else a “Life in Hell” fan.