Help me build a kick ass Valentine’s Day kit

I’ve been kicking around the idea for a month now, instead of people buying all their Valentine’s Day stuff at a few stores, why not bundle it together into a package deal.

So my target price i want to advertise is $99.99.

My idea was the bundle the following together (maybe in a nice wicker basket, or Valentiney box:

2 - 6oz cold water lobster tails
2 - 16oz fresh cut ribeye steaks
1 - dozen red roses
1 - box of Ferrero Rocher chocolatés
1 - bottle of wine (750ml)
1 - candle

Sold as a set for $99.99

Anybody think of anything to add? Take away? Does it appeal to anyone?

Take a look at what Omaha Steaks is offering, or if they don’t have an offering for Valentine’s, what they were offering at Christmas, to give you a price comparison.

I’d nix the candle. My initial reaction is the price is too high. Does it include shipping?

I don’t know, man. It’s a touching gesture, but the lobster tails will make the roses all soggy and smell like fish, and the chocolates will be covered in myoglobin from the steaks. Yeah, they say it isn’t blood, but it looks like blood, which is going to be pretty disturbing when your would-be paramour tears open the wrapping and dumps out the basket. If it were me—and this is just me—I’d think about separating everything.

We could cryovac the lobsters and steaks.

My whole thought process on this is, and these prices are based on what’s going on around my stores:

Lobster tails…$14
Roses…who knows? $30 - $50 come Vday
Chocolatés: $5-$8

So for this package it would be $80 to $100 bought separately

Add 20 gallons of gasoline (always useful) and adjust your other prices and quantities accordingly, then sell it for $99.99 9/10.

Make sure you include a disclaimer on your sales page.

“If you don’t normally do the cooking in your relationship, make sure you loudly announce you are planning to BEFORE giving this as a gift. Breakups, divorces, and health problems caused by sleeping on the couch are not the responsibility of MrDeals V-day gift baskets.”

And review the laws in your state about alcohol resale, since that’s going to be the biggest hurdle.

They sell Ferrero Rocher at the petrol station. Honestly, lobsters aside, it’s a bit tawdry and generic - wine, roses, smelly candle, crap chocolates, uh, meat - for a hundred bucks.

That’s 22oz of protein per person. You could cut that down to 4oz lobster tail & 8oz steaks, cut the price, & still have more than enough for the average person to eat.

My advice?

Add condoms. But packaged separately so they aren’t in there when the recipient opens it. But that’s how you get your buyer in the frame of mind to spend the money.

And maybe cooking instructions? I’m thinking most people really don’t know that cooking a lobster tail is simple.

You might consider a hollandaise or bearnaise sauce packet, or even just some good butter and a couple of rolls.

$100 for surf and turf for two sounds like a bargain to me.

ETA: And a card. guys are always forgetting the card.

The steaks are entirely too big. For real. And no side dishes? You need something like a good salad or a starch. How are you storing this product? Where will you get it? If your answer is a supermarket keep in mind that the flowers and the food will have already run through a cold chain that has lessened their life significantly. Adding to that you will not be storing them in optimal conditions for the day or two before you deliver. Seems ripe for disappointing people.

I own a supermarket, so the lobster and steaks will be cut to order.

Flowers will be stored in our walk-in, we had flowers last year, they didn’t do too well, but was not because of quality issues, I think it was bad marketing on my end.

As far the wine, I have all the proper permits to sell those.

I do need a side dish, but I want something prepackaged, like a stouffers side dish. Maybe we could steal potato salad or cole slaw from my deli?