Help me buy a GoPro camera.

I want to buy a GoPro camera to mount on may dashboard. (Suggestions for a dashboard mount device also appreciated.) I commute to work in my 1999 Corolla in the Bay Area and there are so many batshit crazy drivers/pedestrians out there that I want to document any accident I may be involved in. I have never owned a GoPro camera and am seeking recommendations. Thank you for your time.

I’m not sure a GoPro is really the best camera to use for a continuously running dash cam, it’s really more for action sports type use. There are purpose built dash cam units (and considerably less expensive than a GoPro) that would work much better for car dash use.

Thank you very much!

After an exhaustive search I settled on this device:

For $299.99

and then received the following promotional discount:

Promotion Applied: -$110.08

Thank you again. Ignorance defeated.