Help Me Buy a Mezzaluna

This is a first time post for an extremely long time lurker. I hope this is in the right place since it is related to cooking, but, if not, hopefully it can be moved.

Here’s the deal. My fiancee has gotten obsessed with Nigella Lawson’s cooking shows and, since Nigella often uses one, I thought it would be nice to buy her a mezzaluna knife.

The problem I’m finding, though, is that all of the ones I’m finding online seem to be either rather cheap in quality or are located out of the country(I’m in the US). I’m looking for a two handle one like Nigella’s.

Does anyone have any experience with a mezzaluna that they can recommend? Preferably one I can buy online from a US retailer.

Thanks for any help you can give me. I’m really pretty clueless on this subject.

See if this works for you.

Wait, here it is for $20 cheaper.

The problem I’m seeing, is that most of the ones I’m finding online either don;t have the double handle, do have the double blade, or are made out of stainless.

If you’re superstitious ask for a penny in exchange for the gift.

From Wiki

Unless you’d rather she give you a dove?

There are some single bladed 2 handled mezzalunas on this page. I don’t have any experience using these but Wusthof makes good knives so I’d assume their mezzalunas are nice as well.

I’ve decide to purchase one of the Wusthof knives. I don’t know how I missed them when I was searching around amazon earlier. Thanks to all of you for your help.