Help me buy Buffy/Angel DVDs

I am looking to buy both series in their entirety, and looking on ebay i’m faced with the option of buying the american box sets or asian imports which have the advantage of being cheaper and include the entire shows (even the seasons not yet released in the states). My question is what’s the catch? Are they completely in english with menus i can navigate? Is the video quality as good as the US sets? And most importantly are they really compatible with US DVD players as they claim? Any info is appreciated.

I can’t speak to the Asian DVDs, though I think they sound awfully fishy. I just want to recommend Looks like they have the box sets for about $40 per season. Personally, if I’m going to spend a bunch of money on DVDs, I like to know I’m getting the real deal. But that’s just me. My brother swears by ebay, so, you know, YMMV.

The Asian imports of Buffy and Angel you see on ebay are probably bootlegs. You’re better getting the Region 1 dvds.

That is, “You’re better off getting the Region 1 dvds” is what I meant to say. :smack: