Help me buy some headphones for my portable DVD player

So over the holidays I got a portable DVD player, and I love it. The only problem is that even with the volume cranked all the way up to the top, the sound level isn’t quite high enough. When I’m at home, I can plug it into my computer’s speakers and use their volume control to get the sound just right. But I can’t do the same thing with the very basic plastic headphones that came with the player. I’ve searched online, and I see that headphones with volume controls are offered very inexpensively (under $10.00). But I’m not sure if these will give me sound that is louder than the highest level available through the player.

Does anyone have any suggestions for headphones that will allow me to get the volume I want? I’m talking about watching Law & Order DVDs, not listening to music, so I don’t need those $200 noise-canceling ones. I just want to be able to listen comfortably to my DVDs.

You’re right in assuming that the inexpensive volume-adjustable ones won’t give you sound that is louder than the max volume of your player.
I’m guessing your criteria are:

  1. 'phones that amplify the sound, either actively or passively
  2. 'phones that are relatively inexpensive
  3. It’s a portable DVD, right? So I’m assuming you dont want 'phones that need a separate tote bag just to lug em around?

you need something that is :
a. Portable.
b. Easily ‘driven’. The less power that is needed to ‘drive’ the elements of headphones, the louder they can go.

Noise cancelling phones dont have to be very expensive. They have the advantage of cancelling the ambient noise around you (even in quieter environments, you have no idea of how much ambient noise interferes with your headphones).

I’d recommend, based on personal use:

  1. Etymotic Research Er-6i : I’ve used these with my iPod, and when I’m listening to them, the volume control on the 'pod is about half of what it normally is.
  2. Koss KSc-75: without a doubt one of the best headphones Ive used. EVER. And it’s not just me who thinks so - google some of the reviews. Also, they give you excellent soundstage localization, making the audio experience a shitload better than regular headphones. They’re a bit of a bitch to put on, though.
  3. Koss Plugs or Spark Plugs. Both give you amazing sound, and use passive noise cancellation (the same concept as the much more expensive Etymotyic ER-6i’s. Once you get used to the fit in your ears, you’ll never use anything else.

Hope this helps.

I’ve been particularly impressed with the Sony MDR-EX71SLB Fontopia earphones. Great sound quality and not ridiculously expensive. You do have to get used to the fit, as with some of the suggestions above.