Help me choose a flash player

Some time back I got a 2GB 1st-gen Nano. I loved it but it wasn’t big enough. Later I got a Classic, which I didn’t like because the scroll wheel didn’t work well. I sold that and was planning on getting a 16GB Nano but I wanted to look at other options. I need something with at least 16GB because I have 12GB so far. I need it to play AAC. That restricts my options. The main non-Apple competition I see is the Sansa View. One thing I like about it is it has a memory-card slot, which would tend to make it more future-proof, something you can keep using instead of throwing away in a couple years. Unfortunately, Sansa offers no battery replacement service, so the device is useless once the battery dies. I read that the new Li-polymer batteries last longer than the Li-ions, like 4-5 years.

The Sansa View is about half the cost of the Nano. My main concerns would be whether the sound quality is as good, and also whether I will be happy with a non-Apple interface after having Ipods. (As far as syncing it goes, there’s a program that syncs Sansas to Itunes, although I don’t know if it works with OSX 10.6) Has anybody owned both brands?

I was also looking at a refurb 16GB Touch for $200, which is sold out now. I was thinking it was only a little more money to get all that Wifi browsing, PDA type functionality that could be useful for not much more than a Nano. Downsides would be size and maybe the controls, but I do still have my old Nano in case I needed something small.

The other non-Apple options I see are the Zune, or some Walkman, but I didn’t see anything standing out about those. So, has anyone owned both a Sansa and an Ipod, do you have any opinions? Anyone owned a Nano and a Touch?