Help me choose a graphics card

What’s the best gaming graphics card for about £150? I am only interested in playing games, so I don’t need any TV-in, TV-out, AV-in crap. (My current card has all these features and I never use them)

I have no idea what £150 is in dollars or how much computer stuff costs overseas. However, I did just buy a new video card for the sole purpose of playing Half Life 2 and Doom 3. It’s a GeForce 6800 GT w. 256 megs of ram, around $400 on My setup is otherwise very similar to the one you describe in your Pit thread (Doom 3 requirements). I bought it based on the Hot Rod setup on this site. They say you can save money by going with the non-GT model (I think that’s only about $260 or so).

Unfortunately I haven’t actually tried it out yet, as I just ordered it and it hasn’t arrived yet. But that’s what my research led me to buy, for what it’s worth.

£150 is about $280. I did a price comparison on It seems that only low to medium cards are in this price range. :frowning: Good cards cost 250-300 pounds.

I’ve got a 9800 pro. It plays Doom 3 fine, and every other game I’ve tried on it perfectly.

Hi Dog80. I was in the same situation as you. I had an older video card and not to much cash on hand. I wanted to be able to play FarCry and Doom3 at a reasonable framerate. I checked TomsHardware and read through the reviews. I ended up buying a GeForce FX 5900 XT for right around US $200. This is the BFG version so is overclocked out of the box. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

Hope that helps. I can play Doom3 now on high at 1024x768 and I get ~40 fps.

Being on a tight budget, I’ve always bought my pc gear from Eclipse Computers - I’ve found the customer service to be excellent, and the prices among the best.

I’ve had a look, and under the graphics cards generic section they have Radeon 9800 Pros for ~ £140 inc VAT.

It may also pay to look for a computer fair in your area. They more often then not outdo store prices, and you get to talk to a human being who actually knows what they’re talking about :slight_smile:

Avoid GeForce FX 5xxx anything. Crap. That generation from nVidia just didn’t come out well… the mildly challenged cousin at the family reunion that nobody wants to talk about.

A Radeon 9800 Pro will do you excellently, and that’ll be well, WELL under your price range.

A GeForce 6800 plain (no GT or Ultra or anything) will fall into the upper end of your price range. However, it has excellent performance, surpassing the $400 ATi cards in many instances, for well more than $100 less.

So I’d say either the Radeon 9800 Pro, or the GeForce 6800, depending on just how much money you’d want to spend.

Whoa! SPOOFE I normally agree with you on most things you post but the card I mentioned is doing exceedingly well for me. I’ll agree that the 9800 pro is a good card(comparable to the GeForce 5900)…but I was posting in the price range he suggested. A 6800 is out of the range, as is the x800.


Oh, sorry…forgot the review. 5900 Ultra

I don’t know…the 5900 looks just a little better than the card I already have (FX 5600 Ultra).

Besides I downloaded Asus drivers (I was using generic nVidia before that) and SmartDoctor which overclocks the card automatically when the load increases. The difference in performance is dramatic now. Maybe I don’t really need a new card yet! :slight_smile:

I’m glad Dog80…sometimes it’s just the drivers. I must confess that I hadn’t read your pit thread about the subject before I posted. I feel a bit stupid now. :smack:

Our systems are comparable and I’m playing both FarCry and Doom3 without a hitch(and Doom3 is scaring the bejezus out of me). Minor differences may be motherboards and the amount of DDR. There are also a ton of tweaks at PlanetDoom that have helped…namely the image cache one. Take care Dog80…maybe I’ll see you online! :smiley: