Help me choose my next email picture

For my less-serious emails at work, I’ve gotten into the habit of occasionally adding a tiny piece of clip art to my signature. Currently, it’s three colorful maple leaves. I’d like to change them out, but I can’t decide on what.


  • nothing Christmas-y. For one, it’s too early, and for another, I don’t believe religion and work should ever meet

  • nothing religious in general

  • not winter weather-related. I thought about snowflakes, and I’ll probably do those later on in the winter, but I’m in Texas and the leaves haven’t even finished changing colors, plus I deal with people in Mexico, Florida and other season-less places as much as I do folks in Virginia, New Jersey, etc.

  • bonus points if it’s vaguely nature-related, since that’s how I roll. :slight_smile:

What can I replace my three pretty maples leaves with?