Help Me Come Up With A Clever Name For This Modern Trend (Described In OP)

I’ve noticed this on website that want you to sign up for their email newsletter, or create an account, or allow them to give you notifications, or whatever. You’ll get a popup that says something like:

OPTION 1: Yes, I want to sign up for your newsletter.
OPTION 2: No thanks, I prefer to be kept in the dark.

…as if they’re trying to shame you into doing what they want you to do.

Best I can come up with is “sign-up shaming,” but that’s unwieldy and only covers one aspect of the phenomenon.



“Forfeiting my business forever.”


I think that’s just called “passive-aggressive marketing”. Old as time and the mark of a product that can’t survive on word-of-mouth.
Yes, I want to save money! / No, I don’t want to save money
Enter your email for a chance to win ____! / No thank you, I don’t want free stuff
Sign me up, I love kittens / No, I don’t love kittens


Sop’s choice.

“Nice try.”

Nice. I was trying to come up with something involving insulting your customer and couldn’t get it down to 2 words, let alone 1.



Like “clickbait”,which you usually are ashamed to admit that you fell for it. In the OP’s example, they are openly and proudly shaming you , so why deny it?

Which is the name for the subreddit (a subset of asshole design).

So Clickshaming appears to be the current term for the concept. And you’ll find a lot of examples in the first link, and some in the second.

(I discovered the first subreddit just a few days ago, due to the Humble Bundle example. And then the Trump campaign example.)

aww, shucks!.. And I thought I was proposing an original idea.
Dammit. How dare all those other folks on the net create a whole forum without telling me? :slight_smile:

My Favorite recent one of these was when Twitter’s app put up a message saying that Twitter wanted more permissions to my phone and contacts to “better serve me blah blah blah” and the two options were YES and LEARN MORE. F You Twitter.

Usually the ESCape key works, or there’s an X icon that will close the popup, so you don’t actually have to make Sophie’s choice.

Oh, and without downplaying the holocaust or anything like that, I’ll propose “Sophie’s choice.”

Men’s Health does that. The choices will be something like “yes, send me healthy recipes that will give me a six pack” or “no, i prefer to be fat and alone forever.”


There’s also this shame bell for extra gravitas.