Help me come up with a company name, please.

I make jams and jellies, marmalades, conserves, syrups and butters. My darling SO hands them out to random people because I tend to go into hyperdrive during the summer and fall, and make too much. More than we could eat in 10 years. :smack:

Now I have peeple asking for it, and I would like to label it in some way. Can you think of a catchy name? If I do end up picking from the suggestions I get, I will gladly send that poster a sampler box. :smiley:

Ready? Set?


And another thing, anyone out there willing to make me a web page?

Express Spreads! :slight_smile:

Tool Shed Spreads!

You make them in a tool shed, right? right?

“Big Johnson’s Heating, Plumbing, Buttock Massage, and Masters of the Peach Margarita, d/b/a Not Parmalat Dammit LLC.”

No one’s suggested the obvious? “We Be Jammin’?” Or the raunchy? “Spread 'Em?”

I’m disappointed in all of you. For Shame!

That was the obvious response? :smack:

How about “Cutco” or “Edgecom”?

(nevermind that)

I might be able to.

So much depends on your own style, what part of the country you are from, whether or not you want to appeal to a sense of humor or to a “British tea time” approach.

If you have only one daughter, you could name them after her…

Caity’s Tea Party
Apple Lime Jelly


Caity’s Tea Party
Pumpkin Honey Butter

…for example

If you make a fortune, just send me a case. :wink:

Pimpin’ preserves

Gorgeous Georgian Gloops
Georgia on my Toast
Jeorgia Jellies
Preservin’ Time

If you still need a webpage / site, email me.

(With the new look board, click on the username and select the send email option (I think)).

[Michael Jackson]

Jam on!


Lyllyan’s Dope Jams. Fighting Dry Toast Since (insert year you began making them).

If Cecil or Ed threaten a lawsuit, grease 'em with a sampler box of their own. :wink:

Fruits 'n Berries - pretty simple but allows you to add any poroduct you want and still be covered!

“Lyllyan’s Berry Delicious Preserves”

“Sweet on You Preserves”

“Dr. Atkins! Whaddya Think of Me NOW? Preserves”

Fond of “JellyToes” myself.

These are great, keep 'em coming!


I think they’re all available…soon anyhow.

Southern Hospitality - “It’s not breakfast without a touch of Southern Hospitality Jam”

Lyllyan’s Kitchen

Lyllyan’s Jelly Jar

Peach Basket

Paw-Paw Patch

Southern Seasons

Memories of Home