Help me commit mosquito Holocaust

We have a pond with a fountain in our front yard. Recent sunny and warm days have caused it to develop algae and mosquito larvae. Whats the best way of dealing with this problem?

Assuming nothing of value lives in the water (i.e. plants), I’d put some chlorine in that you’ll find at any pool supply house. If something does live in the water, perhaps try adding some fish that like the taste of mosquitos. I’m sure your local Petco will help you out in that regard.

Gambusia affinnis are mosquito larvae eating machines. In California they used to be dumped into every pool of water around.
Utricularia gibba is a floating carnivorous plant that I kept in rain barrels to eat larvae.

Intentional introductions have largely been for purposes of mosquito control, although G. affinis is not considered to be any more effective against mosquitoes than most native mosquito-eating species (ISSG 2006).

  • from the linked article


Baber and Babbitt (2004) indicate Gambusia () are capable of effectively consuming tadpoles of two Florida amphibians, significantly impacting prey density. In addition, G. affinis is capable of foraging effectively in densely vegetated areas that would likely provide cover from larger predatory fish.

Mosquitofish, particularly where it occurs as a non-native, also prey heavily on the eggs and young of co-occurring fish species.

So don’t put in there if you have frogs or other fish

Would Talapia eat them? Then you could have a fish fry at the end of the season.

Everyone’s a critic!
I think that is based on how many larvae a fish can eat, rather than the adaptability, hardiness, breeding ability and low animal cunning of G. affinis. They are livebearers, so they can run away almost from the start rather than serve as food while eggs.
They are vicious little bastards and out compete other fishes anywhere near them in the niche.
They were used to eradicate mosquitoes during the building of the Panama Canal.
People hate them because they are so successful, just as they resent me for the same reason. :slight_smile:

Is draining the pond an option?

Guppies if you’re in the tropics. Zero larvae for sure. I’m not sure but in nature, the biggest eaters of mosquitos are your ribbits. Keep a handful of them in your pond.

Mosquito dunks.


A larger pump? A better filter?

I would definitely try mechanical and biological options before chemical.

Goldfish would be a big help. You can buy cheap “feeders” at the pet store, intended to be fed to large aquarium fish.