Help me convince my wife that we NEED a widescreen HDTV

Our 12 year old JVC television is just about ready to give up the ghost. Mrs manniac insists that the replacement doesn’t need to be any bigger.

She’s wrong, of course…but how do I convince her of that?

Tell her that if you had the widescreen TV, you would never leave the house and she wouldn’t have to worry that you’re out and about getting into who knows what kind of trouble.

Has she ever watched one? If you can get her to watch a fave movie or show on one, she will be convinced if she has any tv soul.

Seriously, I never understood the big deal myself til I watched a widescreen dvd on a friends huge widescreen tv. I was completely flabbergasted. I don’t even watch that much tv and owning one is now my goal in life. :smiley:

Because if you don’t buy a widesceen HDTV… the terrorists have already won.

YOu know I was going to sugguest somethign really grand, a complicated scheme that would break her very will to live. But thanks to Johnny Bravo I can’t stop laughing.

Tell her that all analog TV channels (the ones we have now) are mandated by the FCC to go dark in favor of HDTV on or before December 31, 2006.

So the new TV you buy today will only be good for 3 years or so.

You don’t have to mention that the above deadline will probably not happen.

All good suggestions, thanks.

I especially like Johnny Bravo’s contribution. :smiley:

Maybe I’ll just accidently leave this topic open on the computer and she will read it and see to what lengths I’m prepared to go to get one…

Why do you have to convince her?

Shouldnt you be allowed to make a purchase for you?

I would just say well the TV is about to die and this is the TV I would like to buy.

Might be one because of marriage but you can still think for yourself.

Somewhere along the way during a 27 year marriage you come to realize that it isn’t wise to spend several thousand dollars without both partners agreeing to it. :wink:

Don’t even get me started on why people should never marry in the first place.

Tell her the Great and Dreaded Cthulhu will plague her dreams, slowing driving her mad, if she doesn’t.

Tell her that after you purchase a bigger, better, more everything TV, you will let her play with the box it came in.

That would be incentive enough for moi.

Oh, and I’d personally wait to make the purchase until some time between the Xmas - Superbowl time frame. That is when all the discounts are offered.

Good idea to wait for the after Xmas/Superbowl special prices.

But I still have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to cost me a trip to a jewelry store to convince her…

She can be bribed? Why didn’t you say so, man? SMALL price to pay!!! :smiley:

Tell her that she can have the remote EVERY DAY (between 11 am and 3 pm).

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Remember the adage: It is easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.

But you knew this already.

Question: How big is the TV you have now ?

As far as the 2006 mandate: this rule applies only to broadcast networks. From what I understand, it doesn’t apply to cable or satellite systems, who may well offer 4:3 and only token HD channels (as witness Dish offering 3 (I think) HD channels right now) for quite a while.

I am personally not betting on 16:9 equipment being a “must have” thing for quite a while. OTOH, maybe I have my head up my ass, and every service will offer 1080i 24-7 in 24 months. I’m just not holding my breath.

Having a big, wide screen makes for less stressful viewing and may cut down on bags under the eyes maybe even crowsfeet.

I always liked the logical approach.

A good quality 36" TV can cost close to $1000.00. If I spend that kind of money to get a set, I will be kicking myself for not spending the extra dollars in order to take advantage of the HDTV signal in the future. After all, my last set lasted 12 years. Won’t it suck when 5 years down the road I have to go out and spend another 2000.00 to get the quality picture that we desire?
Spend once, spend right. It is the best value in the long run.

Try this out on Her. Let me know if it works. If so, I will try it on Mrs. sezyou. I just need a guinea pig.

Also, one thing to remember about widescreen (16:9) sets:

Quite a lot of the content you’ll see for some time will be 4:3 (the size you watch now) so the screen image will either be smaller than the TV’s capacity with black bars on each side (called a “pillarboxed” image), or you can set the TV to stretch the image to fill the screen so that everyone onscreen looks really, um, overweight. I’m told many people find the latter acceptable, but I personally can’t stand it.

If you use, say, a 42" widescreen to view pillarboxed 4:3 video, you’re basically using the equivalent of a 25" ‘classic’ TV. Sounds like a waste of money, unless you view a LOT of widescreen material.