Help me demonstrate that Sarah Palin is worthy of being President

I am looking for speeches she has made and papers that she has given that show her to be intellectual and well-reasoned. If you want to show evidence to the contrary, please take it here.

Heh. Cute.

I’ll just point out that you’re assuming that in order to be worthy of being President, one must be “intellectual and well-reasoned.”

I believe more than one former President shows that this is not the case.

<chirp chirp chirp>

Well then by his definition those presidents were not worthy of being president either. That they managed to become president anyway is another matter.

Her inaugural speech as governor was pretty good. She turned on the folksy a little bit, but the speech had some good turns of phrase.

You were the one complaining in the other thread. This is your chance. I know you said you’re not a defender, but come on, there has to be some rational, logical reason for you to think that the other thread was off-base. What is it?

This isn’t about other candidates and presidents-please stick to the subject at hand.

It’s perfectly possible to attain something and be unworthy of it.

She’s …
Nope … I got nuthin’.

She has to be at least as smart as Dubya.

In that case, just show any reasonable data at all to demonstrate that she could be a competent POTUS.

I thought the other thread was off base was that the other thread started with a conclusion then sought facts to support the conclusion. It happens to be a conclusion I agree with, but it’s still a logical fallacy and incredibly biased. This thread does the exact same thing, just with a different conclusion. Nice snark though.

Take the anti-Palin crap to the other thread, please.

Christ. I was trying to be completely open minded and fair for a moment, and really give some serious thought to what would be her strongest attribute…and I’m still coming up totally empty. A Palin Presidency would make me long for the sanity, competency and intellectual leadership of Bush.

For the third effin’ time, take the anti-Palin crap elsewhere, damn it! If you’ve got nothing, POST NOTHING.

Well, she was crafty enough to dump that dead-end job of governor of a state with a tiny population and take a high-paying gig on national TV.

Well, if we go by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

I can’t find the exact quote but in another part Adams opines that Zaphod Beeblebrox is the best president ever because his real job is to distract everyone away from the people who really run the show. On that count Palin would be exceptional at the job.


Not what I asked for, is it?