Help me discover the polarity of my CD player.

Hi. I need to know the polarity of my portable CD player so I can use my adaptor to plug it into the wall (and save millions on batteries).

I’ll assume that these things are pretty uniform. My player brand is RCA if that’s important.

There are some signs that I can’t make them out. It has a - sign, then a C+ .

Thanks for all your help.

There are two possibilities. Either it’s positive tip and the polarity diagram will look like this:

  • -----( o----- +

or negative tip with a diagram like this:

  • -----( o------ -

From the way the OP described it (-C+) it ounds like the first one.

Yes, I think you’re right. I hadn’t really thought much about it.

Yes, thank you QED, and your diagram is much better.

Funny thing, I took that to mean it was negative. Good thing I checked first.