Help me do the low-carb thing! (recipes, advice, nutritional stuff)

Right, in a recent thread I moaned about having gained 30 pounds in the six months since I got sober. Rather than sit in self-pity, I’ve decided to do something about it. I’ll be getting a gym membership within the next couple of weeks. The working out thing I know how to do, as I took some fitness courses when I was in university, and then turned into a buff gym bunny. sigh I pine for those days…

Changing my diet is something I don’t have much experience with, however. Past diets were mainly of the very unhealthy starvation-for-three-months-so-I-can-be-pretty-and-get-more-guys variety. I’m beyond that now. :slight_smile: I’m doing this for more honorable reasons.

Everyone I’ve spoken to has said I should lower my intake of carbs, so I guess this is the thing to do. Thing is, we (Jeremy and I) seem to live on carbs. In a way, it’s a holdover from my student days - after all, carbs are cheap, and fill you up. So I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to eat substantially fewer carbs without being hungry all the time. Do we have to load up on lean meats? Vegetables? Which vegetables?

And what of these so-called “good carbs” such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and so on? How much of those can we eat? Why are they “good” - because they’re not refined or processed?

In terms of fat and sugar, what I’ve done so far is switch to artificial sweetener and 5% cream for my coffee (as opposed to 3 tsp. of sugar and lots of 10% cream per cup). I drink a lot of coffee, so that’s pretty substantial. I’ll probably step down to 3.25% homo (giggle) milk for my coffee. We’ve also switched to diet soda, as we drink a lot of soda at home.

So, friends, help us out. How do we go about this? Sample menus? Recipes? Advice on how to not feel hungry all the time? And how to keep the grocery bill from skyrocketing? I checked out some the recipes on the Atkins web site, and I don’t know if we could afford to eat some of those things every night.

Thanks! :slight_smile: