Help Me Fight Chain-Mail Ignorance!

I got this gem from my Grandmother the other day, and I hate getting crap like this. So, I present this to you guys. Feel free to rip it apart. Which of these are just plain BS? If I get enough responses, I’ll email her the real answers.

I knew I had seen this list recently. This might help:

Silly me, I was looking for a discussion of medival armor.

I think someone got the same email about a week ago. Check over in GQ.

One point I’m sure of is that South Carolina owns the rights to its own state anthem – or perhaps the anthem is public domain. (Michael Jackson at one point owned the rights to the Beatles’ songs, and he still might own it.)

I remember an old “factoid” that the average person blinks seven times per minute – and there was no evidence for that claim, either. What is certain is that a computer user typically blinks far less often than the average.

No, they’re not.

There was a thread on this identical e-mail in GQ a few days ago.


What’s our anthem? My google skillz are teh suxxors.

More inportantly, what’s that kid toucher doing with it?

I’m another “I thought this would be about armour” person.

Sorry to dissapoint you. Could I get a mod to close this thread? I didn’t realize it was a duplicate.

Perhaps the South Carolina state anthem is a Beatles song?