Help me figure out how to get pics off a trail cam to something my Dad can see

My brother got my Dad a trail cam to take pics of deer in his back yard. It’s this one.

Problem is, my Dad is old, he has no dexterity in his hands, and can’t operate a tablet or computer pretty much at all. We can show him the pics off the camera if someone comes over with a laptop and uses a USB to see the pics, but that’s less than ideal since we’re not in the habit of carrying around our laptops and a USB cable.

At home, my Dad has:

  • an Amazon Fire 7.0
  • A first-generation (really!) iPad
  • an Amazon Echo Show
  • a bunch of kids who all have iPhones that we could use to show him pics, if we could easily get them on the iPhone.

None of those have USB ports as far as I can tell, beyond the one the Fire has that I believe is a charging-only USB.

The Amazon Fire has a MicroSD card. The card in the camera is a standard SD card. If I could find an adapter, that might work, but it’s not ideal to have to open the camera, remove the card, then put it back. Also, hell if I can find an adapter that I can buy with confidence. Every one I find on Amazon gives me pause for one reason or another.

Is there any easy solution I’m overlooking? A dock for one of the tablets? Some magic thing I’m not thinking of? I’ve spent a few hours trying to find something and am coming up blank.

Get a (USB or SD card reader) converter to HDMI and view it on a TV screen?

Email him the photos to his iPad?

Many TVs have USB ports which can take a thumb drive and display pics (or videos in certain formats) and view them.

As to adapters, I use a Transcend card->USB (3.0) adapter.

Get one of these; they come with different ‘tips’; micro-USB, USB-C, etc to plug into one of your devices.

One word of caution though, I got one to view/upload pics taken with a real camera in the field; however, it wants to format the card. Ummm, no. So it’s useless to me but it was only a couple of $ wasted.

The TV is an interesting option. He has a brand-spankin’-new fancy TV, I’ll look and see if it has a USB port.

As far as emailing and such, yeah we could do that but it would involve going over there, getting the trail cam, bringing it back to a computer, uploading them, sending. Doable, but I’m looking for something easy that can be done at his house.

I like the TV idea, it never even occurred to me it might have a USB.

Does he have WiFi? And is the camera within reach of it? If so, get a WiFi-enabled SD card for it.

Wait, what? There’s wifi enabled SD cards? He does have Wifi (more for us than him) and I believe it is in range.

Yes, but the camera has to be compatible with them.