Help me figure out how to turn my computer's wifi on

I have this computer , a Gateway MT628, that says it has an Integrated Realtek 802.11b/g Wireless Networking (CRU/EURP). The manual says to hit Fn +F2 and the wireless will come on. The light turns on at the base of the mouse pad with the needle and the brackets around which I’m assuming is the wifi turning on. Unfortunately, it’s not finding a signal from my wireless router.

So, trying to play scientist I made sure my wireless router was working properly. I turned on the wifi on my iPhone, it found it, connected up and worked. So, the wireless router shouldn’t be the problem. I then physically connected the computer to the router with a cord, that worked. I also have a USB adapter that I plugged into the laptop. I am online now with that.

So what am I doing wrong? How do I get online without the USB adapter?

Sometimes you have to enable wireless in the BIOS.

I think the function shortcut just enables/disables the wifi radio. You may still have to connect to a wireless network (unless you have it set up to connect automatically).

Do you have the latest drivers installed?

Have you connected your iphone to your wireless in the past?
Do you have sid broadcasting disabled on your wireless router?
Do you have MAC address filtering enabled on your wireless router?

Hmm, I’m not sure how to enable wireless in the BIOS or check for the latest drivers for the wifi.

( It took me a while to set up some parts of the network by what seems to be chance in most cases, so this is definitely not my forte here.)

1)Yes, and my Wii too.
2)I have no idea, sorry. It’s not an option I saw.

If you are using Vista, you could try this driver.

Did you install wireless connection software from your router, or are you using the XP or Vista built-in stuff?

If you installed the wireless connection software from your router, delete it. Windows gets all flustered if it can’t be in charge of your network.

Yippee! That worked, I’m up and running. Thanks so much!