Help me find a book - Great Speeches

I was in Border’s a month ago, looking for the Straight Dope books. The computer on-site said it was stocked in the Trivia section. They weren’t. I still can’t find them. Anyway, that’s not the point.

Right next to the Trivia section is the Speeches/Public Speaking section. One title caught my eye, which I almost (should have) bought. It was a compilation of history’s great speeches, fictional and non-fictional. It was compiled in chronological order, which is the key here.* When I finally decided I needed to buy that book, it was gone. And since I can’t remember the name of it, I’m having a dicken’s of a time trying to find it.

*Why? Because everything else I’ve found on and in other bookstores has been compiled by subject, like this book.

The one in question had a couple of speeches from the Bible, which I found quite interesting. It ran right up to the 20th Century, and included a Hillary Clinton speech as well.


Perhaps "The Penguin Book of Historic Speeches "

or World’s Great Speeches

But, the Tables of Contents don’t seem to indicate a Hillary Clinton speech.

Hmmmm… Back to the salt mines.


Not the bookyou’re looking for, but “Great American Speeches” edited by Gregory R. Suriano (Gramercy Books, 1993, ISBN 0-517-09117-8) has a chronological listing of historic American speeches. Could be of some interest to you.