Help me find a cd by a Kazakstanian folk-rock band

The band is called Roksonaki. They recently played at the Silk Roads Folklife festival in DC.
I wish to give them some money in exchange for a cd- somebody’s gotta sell them in American or on the net. Do I hafta head to Kazastan?


I haven’t been able to find any CD by them, but apparently they put out a tape in 1998, the cover of which can be seen here (last photo on page). No ordering info, however, and I haven’t been able to locate it anywhere.

They were the 1st prize winners in the 1990 “Voice of Asia” competition, which put out a compilation CD (combined with the 1991 competion) on the German “Blue Flame” label. Information here and here.

Further research shows the track listing here, which unfortunately indicates only one track by that group on the 2-CD set (priced at about $25).

Sorry I couln’t help more.

Try “Roksonaky” also

More info is available here if you can read Russian (I can’t).

I also think this CD has some of their music

Uh, astro, that’s the same CD that I pointed out only had one track by them.

I think that a trip to Kazastan may be in order. I can go on tour, following them from Soviet-era blocky architecture city to village to Soviet-era blocky architecture city selling grilled cheese sandwiches. How do you say “Who’s got my miracle?” in Russian?

I’m having way too much fun with this imagary.

Thank you kindly.