Help me find a decent 0% APR balance transfer CC?

I haven’t shopped around for credit cards in years. I have a balance of about $5K on mine, and I want to basically snowball it to wipe it out over the next year or so. I’d like to basically transfer it all to a “0% APR for the first year” card and pay it all off during that period by putting as much money toward it as possible.

Where and how can I find a reputable card to do this? Are there website clearinghouses for deals like these? My credit is good enough that I should have no issue qualifying for the card, but I need them to take ALL of my balance and give me the 0% APR deal on the TRANSFER, not just new purchases.

How do I do it?

Check out Discover. They have the 0% interest on balance transfers for a year. If you ahve good credi, you shouldn’t have a problem getting one.

The right AmEx card will do this up to yer credit limit, BUT:
There’s a balance transfer fee of 3%, AND the 0% thing is only about 5-6 months.

Try searching I’ve used it several times to open up the exact same card you are looking to use.

**Warning! ** Many 0 balance transfer cards have an up front fee of around 3%. :eek:

I started reading this on a bunch of websites like the Motley Fool. What would this sort of thing be euphemistically called when it’s hidden in the fine print?

Seconding the Discover. Just did that myself while I’m waiting for the house to sell.

Very true. Though it may still be worth it if other things look good. We did this once; there was a maximum of 50 dollars for the fee so the percentage (we transferred 5-6K) was actually lower than 3%; and the zero-interest period was one full year. The amount in question was a home maintenance expense that otherwise would have gone on the home equity line of credit, so we paid considerably less, overall, even with the fee.

So - don’t dismiss a fee-for-transfer card out of hand if it otherwise has good features.