Help me find a dog bed

This is more difficult than I thought. My 13 year old arthritic dog needs a new bed, I know exactly what I want: its a dog bed filled with firm bedding like you would find inside a futon mattress. My neighbor has such a dog bed, but he inherited it from his dad and has no idea where it came from. My dog loves this bed and when we visit spends the whole time planted on it.

I don’t know what to use for a search term. Anyone have an idea of where to buy such a bed? I’ve been to a number of pet stores.

You might try searching for orthopedic dog beds. When my dog had to have knee replacement surgery, we got him one and it really helped. I think we got ours at PetSmart, but it was a while ago.

I Googled ‘arthritic dog bed’ and came up with several on Amazon. They’re not inexpensive though…

Walmart and TJ Max have a surprisingly good selection of dog beds at good prices. You can see which ones have the design you prefer.

Search around for “orthopedic dog bed” and you’ll find lots of choices.

I have one similar to this Serta Orthopedic Dog Bed. My dogs love the fact that it has the sides and back. Previously, I just had flat cushions for them. I got this one and my dogs only want to be in it now. I had to get one for each dog. I think they really like that it has the sides and back so they can curl up snugly.

Just an FYI (because I don’t know quite exactly what the OP is looking for), but if you like the Serta beds, they’re on Woot . com today for $40.
I’d link to it, but most woot sales only run for a day or two. It’s in the home section.

Thanks everyone for the replies, but I’m trying to find the search term for a specific type of dog bed and none of these are quite it. She can’t use a memory foam (or won’t) which is what most of the Amazon mattresses use.

The bed my neighbor has that she loves is filled with the same material one would find in a futon mattress; it’s actually pretty firm and isn’t foam. I was hoping someone would know what that filling is called. I’ll check out Walmart.

I have seen nice doggy beds at Costco. Not cheap, but they look first class.

And Costco has the satisfaction guaranteed included. If doggy isn’t keen on it, return it.

Not sure what you call that type of filling, but this seems closer to what you are looking for, I think. I have two beds from this company and they are both great.

I got my dog’s beds at Costco, and they were quite inexpensive. $27 each, 36 x 48. Not memory foam, some sort of stuffing. My dogs love them. I have a pricey memory foam one from Amazon, none of them like it.

They all also love the “cave” bed that they can snuggle into:

Maybe just buy a futon mattress?

I’ll bet you’re looking for something like this: Organic Futon Pet Beds. Scroll to the middle of the page. Filled with Buckwheat hulls (plus cotton).

Most of the dog beds linked to/suggested in this thread won’t do…older dogs do not seem to like thick, squishy beds. I think they just feel plain unsteady when trying to get themselves situated on something so springy. When my Dolly started acting old, the first thing she did was eschew any thick bed. Now my brother’s dog - a whole other size and shape - is doing the same thing.

Wish I could help, madmonk, but I’ve not run in to any pet-sized mats that are like a futon mattress. And I know exactly what you’re talking about too. Almost like super pressed-down shredded cotton. Something nice and firm.

My 8 year old, slightly arthritic dog loves his bed: a crib mattress I got on amazon. The beautiful thing is that it wipes down and the crib sheets pop off easily for a run through the washer. It’s the best smelling bed he’s ever had. :wink:

When my eponymous critter was still alive, madmonk, she liked the pet bed we got her from Drs. Foster and Smith. Her’s had memory foam, but they make pet beds without it. Like this one that’s evidently made with coil springs, like a regular human mattress and boxspring. The description does not mention memory foam at all.

I hope you find one that your pet likes. I’m convinced her bed gave us another three years with her by helping her manage her arthritic hips.

If the bed has a removable cover, there may be a manufacturing label on the inside.

Would a Papasan Chair Cushion work? They are not spongy. They have a pretty dense material inside to give firm support.

A remarkable thread.

I never knew there were ergo beds for dogs. I never knew there were people that would buy them. It has opened my eyes.

And I am content knowing that these pets have owners that can afford these beds.

And everyone is happy.

Life is good!

How about a meditation pillow? I had one for my dog that that was nice, firm cotton fill that she liked very much. No recommendation on where to find one, though.


Try a foam wholesaler. I know you’re not looking for foam, but they often have different materials for stuffing pillows, cushions, etc. If they have what you’re looking for you can buy a cheap dog bed with a removable cover and replace the insides, sew one yourself if you’re crafty, or stuff a pillowcase if your pup is small enough to make a bed out of that.

Also second the suggestion of asking your neighbor to check the label on his.

Ticking is the heavy material covering.