Help me find a gift

Well, it’s my husband and I’s 6 month aniversary next thursday. I want to get him a nice gift. Nothing too expensive. $60-90 (Canadian). What are your ideas.

Books, especially nice coffee-table style books, are great gifts to give for anniversaries because you can write in the inside cover something sweet and date it. They are great for 1st anniversaries because that’s “paper” if you are into that sort of thing.

Getting your marrige licence and, if they exisited, your wedding invitation, matted and framed might be a nice gesture, although it would be more of a present to the relationship as a whole than a present to him.

And this may be butting in, but I might suggest that you either accept that he probably won’t mark the day with a gift, or tell him straight out to get you something, as six months gifts are far from traditional, and had my husband presented me with one it would have shocked the hell out of me and left me feeling guilty that I didn’t know to get anything for him.

It’s hard to say knowing zero about your husband but, I always love to have a new watch. I just bought a Fossil Blue watch a few months ago and I just love it. I think it cost around $80.00 U.S. so that we be in your range. Does he have any hobbies?

6Th Aniversary gifts are officially Iron/Wood/Candy.
Facetiously, I would say offer yourself in sex lingerie as eye candy to give him a woody as hard as iron …
But a golf club is also good…

Thanks guys, actually just reading some of your thoughts gave me some good ideas.
Manda Jo, We have talked about celebrating our 6 month, so I am not too worried about “surprising” him with a gift.

Glamour shots.

Since I don’t know what he likes, or what kind of work he does, it’s tough to guess. These are gifts that I would like to receive. They’re personal and they could last a lifetime. How about a very nice ink pen, or possibly a good pocket knife or money clip. FWIW, I would also like the glamour shots.
PS: I still have, and use, the pen and the money clip that the wife gave me on our first and second aniversaries, in 1989 and 1990.

Gawd, I hope you’re kidding.


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Glamour shots.

Actually I am working on a lingere calender for him. It will be for our one year. It is quite expensive and time consuming, so I have been working on it for a little while now. So that wouldn’t work for this time.

(Imagine the HHTG icon of a big smile face, with thumbs in ears and fingers waving in the air and blowing a raspberry)

Neener, neener, and, as they say, neener.

During our less affluent days, Hubby and I found it much more fun to be presented with a lot of little gifts rather than one large one.
You could get him a few paperbacks, and a few little practical gifts like warm gloves, a wallet or cologne, and then a couple silly gifts to make him laugh.

I once made Hubby a coupon book. You can make it as raunchy or as G-rated as you wish, such as "Good for One Free [insert favorite sexual act here.] or “Good for One Free Foot Rub,” or “One Batch of Home Made Cookies.”

Thanks, I decided to get him a glass chess set. I taught him how to play while we were on our honey moon. So I think that I will set it up and wrap myself in saran wrap (so I look like one of the peices ) and wait for him to come home and play a game with me. :wink:

Classy… better hope he doesn’t bring the boss home for dinner…

Great idea Swingchick!