Help me find a new cell phone!

Well, my little one got a stomach bug over the weekend, and not to get too gross, but apparently cell phones don’t work too well after being soaked in sick. I’ve been wanting a new phone for awhile now, so this is just acting as incentive to do it sooner rather than later. I’ve tried searching online, but the choices are so vast, and I’m having trouble interpreting all the lingo. Help, please!

I’m a SAHM, so I don’t need a lot of high-falutin’ gizmos to keep up with work stuff. Most of what I want is “fun” stuff, and I’ve come up with a list, in order of priority:

Camera (I want to be able to send pics to friends & family & download to my computer)
Durable (see first sentence…:smack:)
Text messaging (a Qwerty keyboard is a bonus)
Able to download fun ringtones
Cute…I’m hoping I can get something in pink or purple

Things I’d like to have but aren’t necessary…access to internet, speakerphone, ability to play iTunes. (But I think you can only do that with an iPhone? My price range is hopefully anywhere under $150 or so I think I’m out of luck there…)

So, can it be done? Help me out dopers!

Pretty much any modern phone will do all those things you mention and more. And by “modern”, I mean since like 2002 or so.

The only two that don’t necessarily go together are “cute” and “durable”. Most cell phones are fairly delicate, and the intentionally toughened ones tend to be kind of macho looking.

Seriously though, the Samsung Rugby is one of the ruggedized phones I mention, and it does everything you’ve mentioned except for playing iTunes and being “cute”.

The G1 phonefrom T-Mobile has me interested in leaving AT&T (after 12 years) for it.

Right now I have a Pantech Duofrom AT&T that I like. I don’t use internet on it because AT&Ts internet rates are too pricey for me.

I guess what phones you should be looking at are ones that are offered by your provider (as each carry different phones with different options) Unless you want to buy an unlocked/no contract phone for about 3X the cost you would get it from the cell carrier company.

I’m not much an expert on cute, but the Sony Ericsson C702 is splash and dust proof, has a nice cybershot 3.2Mpix camera, will access the Internet, play mp3 music etc, everything a modern phone does.
I thought of it because it has some lightish blue colours that I imagine maybe is cute. There is an article with pictures here:

As for price, I dunno. I figure danish prices are not comparable in any way.