Help me find a PC game

I played this last year and can’t remember the name of it. Googling for the last half hour didn’t turn up anything… hopefully someone can help!

You are presented with multiple levels. Each level is solved when you move letter blocks down to the bottom row in the correct order to form a word. So it’s figuring out the anagram (usually 5-8 blocks) and the correct way to get them down through the maze without getting stymied.

There were rules on how the blocks could move and a few twists, e.g. sometimes sliding a block over a special spot would flip it 90 degrees; so now you had to flip it 3 more times to get it upright again… for some letters that had symmetry you only need to flip it one more time (I, N, O, etc). Some letters like M would become a W… so the final solved word could require flipped letters.

Any help would be appreciated!

Is it a flash game or an executable program?

I kept searching… BWLO or Blocks With Letters OnThanks anyway.