Help me find a short story thinger

There’s a short, funny story out there somewhere that I’d like to show to my fiancee. Trouble is, I can’t find it.

It’s almost more of an anecdote or joke than anthing else. The premise is that a class was assigned the task of writing a story in pairs, each partner taking turns and alternating paragaphs. A guy and a girl were teamed up, the girl’s paragraphs were steoertypically girly (drinking tea as wistfully as possible) while the guy’'s was full of dorky machismo (blowing things up with a starship). The story finally devolves into a written fight between the two. Do any of you good folks recognize this and perhaps have a link or copy to/of it?

Thanks much, all!

Here ya go:

Wow, that was quick --and just what I was looking for! Thanks!