Help me find a strategy game that hearkens back to the 80s!

There are a lot of mobile strategy games available. The reviews are helpful but I thought Dopers might be able to provide the best assistance.

Some of my favorite computer military strategy games from the late 80s/early 90s were:

The Ancient Art of War
Command HQ
Risk II (very different from the original)
No Greater Glory

Some of these games are available via abandonware sites, but I like the idea of being able to play them on my phone (I’m in NYC; plenty of subway time). Does anyone know of a mobile game that matches one – or more! – of the games above?

I’m not interested in multi-player features or in-app purchases. Just something that requires some mental energy and will help me take over the world :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Risk is available for both Android and iOS.

Yeah, because it’s not copyrighted. There’s an interesting story behind that game.

The PC games of Risk were much different than the board game – Risk II particularly so, where you could choose formations before a battle.

The “standard” Risk is pretty hard to play on a phone. So I guess I’m looking for versions of the other four games I named.

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Risk isn’t copyrighted? Well, certainly at least the name is trademarked and owned by Hasbro. Can you expand on this?

I misspoke. The game itself is trademarked by Hasbro, who bought if from the French company that created it. However, the basic concept of a game of world domination using dice seems not to be part of the IP.

From Wikipedia:

“Many variants exist that are based on the original concept of the game of Risk and that contain much of the functionality of the original, but are not licensed by Hasbro, such as, for example, the video games Global Domination and Lux. Known as Risk clones, such variants have names not containing the term “Risk” to avoid legal issues. Some of these clones are available commercially, of which many have been released through the iTunes App Store, especially for the iPad. Several other Risk clones are distributed freely over the Internet, such as Dice Wars.”

I’ve played Lux on my phone. It’s virtually the exact same game as Risk.

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Have you tried Conquist 2?

What was wrong with playing Risk on the phone? I have it, and it plays perfectly fine and easy on the phone.

Plague Inc.

The non-Risk games I mentioned don’t use dice to determine the outcome of battles. Risk 2 does, but at least uses 12-sided dice for more variety in outcomes. I guess I’m looking for a strategy game that isn’t based around dice.

Conquist 2 looks like it features 6-sided dice, but I’ll take a look. Thanks.