Help me find an author I heard on public radio

I was driving a few weeks ago and heard an interview of a guy who has a book coming out (maybe it’s already out now), and I really want to find the book, but can’t remember the author.

The interview was on public radio; I don’t remember what program, but the interviewer was female. The author was a computer science-type person with a PhD (I think). He was someone who has been involved in the internet since its early years, at least its early years as a public tool.

The gist of his book was that the internet as we use it today is dehumanizing; that we conform to the software and systems of the computers, and by doing so dumb-down our own interactions.

Or something sort of along those lines.
Sadly, that’s all I’ve got, but I really want to find this book. Any takers?

Might be You Are Not A Gadget by Jaron Lanier?

Brilliant! Thank you, that’s exactly it!

Geez, that took almost half an hour … we’re slipping here, people.